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33 drivers ticketed for not wearing seatbelts on Aug 20, 2021- RVIPF

33 drivers ticketed for not wearing seatbelts on Aug 20, 2021- RVIPF

Persons driving without seatbelts led among the ticketed traffic offences last week as operations by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) against traffic violators continued on August 20, 2021.
51 tickets issued, 5 scooters seized

The Road Policing and Armed Response Teams were joined by officers from east and west and the Marine Unit issuing 51 tickets and seizing five scooters.

According to the RVIPF today, August 23, 2021, of the 51 tickets issued in last Friday’s operation, 33 were for drivers not wearing their seatbelts. Five tickets were for those riding without helmets and another eight for driving while using a cellular phone.

Twelve other persons were reported for offences ranging from unlicenced vehicles to prohibited tints.

Stopping alongside another

One person received a ticket for stopping alongside a vehicle while in traffic.

Acting Sergeant of the RPU Kishon Leslie said a practice seen often on the roadways is drivers stopping along the side of another vehicle to converse. This is a ticketable offence and draws a fine of $100, he noted.

The RVIPF said its Road Policing Unit Facebook page gives information on road use, road closures, travelling tips, traffic offences and occupant safety on the Territory’s roadways and that persons are invited to join, like and share.


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