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400 Pounds Of Trash Picked Up

400 Pounds Of Trash Picked Up

A recent three-day coastal clean up exercise at seven sites in the Territory, resulted in 400 pounds of trash being picked up.
According to Green VI, spirits were high when they saw the bags of litter collected by the 250 participants at the 2021 Coastal Clean Up held September 17-19, "but our sense of accomplishment dimmed when we sadly acknowledged just how much waste litters our beautiful coastlines, pollutes the precious ocean and threatens our health."

The joint efforts at 7 the Coastal Cleanup sites amassed over 400 pounds of litter, mostly plastic, glass and aluminum waste that can be recycled here in the BVI.

"Plastics, metals, glass and everything in between - much of it recyclable - were pulled out of the bush, pried from between rocks and picked off the ground and out of trees - yes, even out of trees," Green VI stated.

Green VI is encouraging persons to reduce waste by caring more and use less across the board and, to protect the beaches, leaving nothing behind.

"Reusable items for picnics are best and all waste should be recycled where possible or disposed of properly."

The organization is encouraging persons to adopt a spot to clean, "gather your class, business associates, church or community group and commit to adopting a site that you keep clean, improve and look after. Dial 346-4040 or email info@greenvi.org for more information."

Residents were told to simply pick up trash, "it doesn’t seem fair that some need to clean up after others but, until more behavior change sets in, that’s the inconvenient truth. See litter? Please, if possible, pick it up."

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