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60+ additional parking spaces coming to TPP in time for Xmas

60+ additional parking spaces coming to TPP in time for Xmas

Management at the Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park (TPP) are creating an additional 60 parking spaces to accommodate more visitors to the multimillion-dollar facility as the festive season and cruise ship arrivals gear up.
According to TPP’s Chief Executive Officer, Vance Lewis, there have been complaints over the years about the lack of adequate parking spaces at the pier park and he and his team have sought to address that with the new parking lot expected to be ready soon.

“You know because Christmas is coming up, we are actually stepping things up a notch. We are in the process of ensuring that we have enhanced parking. Enhanced parking means we have additional parking opportunities. One of the perennial complaints that we have had in the pier park is that parking is limited. So, right at the entrance, there is a spot being cleared, rolled and paved and it’s going to be marked to provide some 60 additional parking spots,” Lewis said.

“Then we will actually open the gate to allow people to come straight into the pier park. So, you are going to be literally one step from the pier park. That’s in addition to the parking that we have within the facilities at the moment,” the CEO added.

Lewis noted that the festive season, which features the TPP’s annual Three-Days of Christmas event, means there will be a greater influx of customers in the park. He said this means more and safer parking is needed to make park users comfortable while they shop and enjoy themselves.

The CEO added that the reopening of the cruise ship has also resulted in increased activity in the pier park which also requires additional parking spaces for taxi operators; hence why the area is being readied in time for Christmas.

Lewis is hoping the parking lot will be ready to house vehicles this coming week as the postponed Three-Days of Christmas Celebration kicks off on Tuesday.

The event, which was scheduled to run from last Thursday, December 16 to Saturday, December 18 was postponed because of inclement weather.

However, according to the management, everything should go ahead as planned on December 21.

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