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A new year for another chance to build back better

A new year for another chance to build back better

Will Someone Please Explain What Happens Next?

We ask what will Tomorrow bring only to find that no one has the answer and the best we can do, is prepare as best we can, knowing all we have in common is Time – Our Fears and Dreams may differ but your Second is my Second and your Decade is my Decade so, whether we are here or not, this year shall pass and whether we are there or not, the next year shall come.

All across the World we are forced to acknowledge, 2020, as a Complex Year; filled with natural and unnatural contradictions – Often a Paradox, where the World we knew, has been so deeply altered that what we feared as Bad now appears to outpace our traditional Good – Even Nights seem longer and Dates like Easter, August Festivals and Christmas are all but cancelled.

Our Consciences strain as we wonder whether to follow or avoid those who should be leading us… We see feel-good highs like the defeat of Donald Trump even as we feel plunging lows like the hopelessness brought on by Covid-19… It is deep despair when multitudes lose livelihoods in mere days but relief when multiple Covid-19 Vaccines are developed in less than a Year.

Under the roughest times and toughest conditions, Rules for the Future are redundant even before they are printed but we still remain programmed to fulfill the wishes of others by offering thanks to imaginary Gods and honour to real Enemies… Meanwhile, we reject opportunities to help one another and fail to appreciate that, only by doing so, can we progress as a People.

No sane Politician should Support Trumpism:

While no individual can do everything for everyone, all can learn by following the examples of others just as all can benefit by avoiding their mistakes – No opportunity, assistance or lesson is too small or insignificant but again and again, we fail as our Brothers’ Keepers and as we move from this year into the next, far too many have died from unnecessary lies and the lack of caring.

I speak from experience because I am fully aware that, without you, I would be nothing… This makes me obliged and committed to bring Truth for the Youth and a Voice for the People, even if & when this is opposed and rejected… My greater concern is to avoid lying to or misleading you and I often refer to Trump because there has been no greater bad example to be avoided.

He is the classic over pretentious Politician; capable of believing his own lies & bad ideas and from beginning to end, his actions made it clear that the major Fuels for Political Engines are Money, Lies and Flattery… He shows how easy it is to mob-rule by pushing Ordinary People to the Ground so that the more destitute they become the more dependent they become.

Under such conditions, there was no need for him to care about the destruction of America or anyone else because the Weak was scrambling for survival so they abandoned their own Rights and focused on hanging their lips and open palms where the soup may spill and the crumbs will fall… While he is a ringleader, this trait is practiced by Governments all across the World.

Clearly, no People or Country is immune to being attacked by External Pressure, Internal Corruption and Universal Pandemics… However, as a Country, dependent on Trickle-down in one form or the other, we can never operate on the scale of America but we can certainly see the damage being done to them because of Government’s Corruption and their lack of Ethics.

Turning the Page to a Better Age:

Bad Leaders like their Followers to be blind, deaf & dumb so it wasn’t difficult for Trump to consider slaughtering Law-abiding Citizens for a Photo opportunity with a Bible or, for him to suggest that followers ingest Disinfectants & Bleach – thereby causing death… Evidently, our boat is not as big as theirs but we should be very careful not to sail in that same direction.

Our tradition of taking the presence of Good as a God-given Right has landed face to face with the reality that we are in a World of increasing Evil… We are now inclined to look forward to January 21st (also post Inauguration) as a New Beginning but we should take nothing for granted because, our failure to stop present trends, only reduces our capacity for survival.

Most Leaders will profess Innocence but Trump has so exposed and polluted the Waters that first steps at Remission will require double doses of enough Truth & Reality to neutralize the Lies and Deception - There can be no Cure without recognizing the dangers of Governmental Corruption which forms the Basis for International Poverty, Depression, Wars and Pandemics.

Thanks to the practice of Trumpism, Governments are failing their People at home and abroad and while no Illness cures itself, these same Governments have the unique ability to reform their Policies & Procedures in the best interest of Society and its People… The question is, will they join Biden & Harris in making 2021 the beginning of a Universal Mission to Build Back Better?


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