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After 3yrs gov’t approves $269K pay for BVI prisoners’ stay in St Lucia

After 3yrs gov’t approves $269K pay for BVI prisoners’ stay in St Lucia

Three years after BVI inmates returned from St Lucia where they were temporarily relocated due to the impact of hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Government of the Virgin Islands has only now moved to approve payment to the St Lucian government.
During a meeting held on August 25, Cabinet agreed to ratify the payment for the prisoners accommodation of BVI prisoners at St Lucia’s penitentiary.

This was disclosed in a Cabinet post-meeting statement released on the Thursday.

Cabinet said it agreed to pay the Government of St Lucia $269,940.

Following the hurricanes of 2017 while the NDP was still the governing party, Her Majesty’s Prison located at Balsum Ghut suffered extensive damage and sections of the prison had become compromised .

The governor at the time, Augustus Jaspert decided to transfer 21 of the prisoners that it considered ‘high risk’ to St Lucia’s Bordelais Correctional Facility.

All of the inmates were eventually returned to the BVI at the one year anniversary of the 2017 hurricanes which had devastated much of the territory.

Following the hurricanes, former government minister with responsibility for the prison, Myron Walwyn disclosed that 143 prisoners had escaped from the penitentiary.

Many of the inmates were left to roam the streets for days before they were eventually returned to the prison compound.

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