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Aggressive campaign coming to ramp up vaccination

Aggressive campaign coming to ramp up vaccination

Health Minister Carvin Malone has announced that the government will be embarking on an aggressive marketing campaign to encourage more people to take the remaining COVID-19 vaccines available in the BVI.
In a statement on March 25, Minister Malone also revealed that a Community Outreach Committee has been formed to educate and inform all residents of the importance and benefits of being vaccinated.

This planned campaign comes amid the announcement that the first batch of vaccines the BVI received in early February will expire before the end of the second quarter of 2021.

And with another 12,000 AstraZeneca doses set to arrive in the territory, Minister Malone said the BVI’s vaccine supply could pause as global demand for the vaccine increases.

As such he said persons should take the shots while they are available.

“Because of this worldwide phenomenon — [both] the European Union government, the Indian government have [a great] demand on this (vaccine) so they have announced that they will disrupt the supply to the United Kingdom. This may well have consequences for us,” Malone explained.

So far, 7,000 persons have taken the AstraZeneca jabs in the BVI.

The government said it is aiming to vaccinate at least 70 per cent of the population to ensure there is herd immunity against the new virus.

Vaccination has been linked to the full and safe reopening of the battered BVI economy.

Just this week, Premier Fahie announced that cruise passengers who are getting ready to travel the world later this year, are already indicating they would prefer to interact with populations that have taken the COVID-19 jabs.

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