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Approach to infrastructure shouldn’t change with new gov’t

Approach to infrastructure shouldn’t change with new gov’t

The BVI’s approach to fixing and improving its infrastructure should not have to change with each new governing administration, Fourth District Representative Mark Vanterpool has argued.
Vanterpool pointed out that the territory can sometimes face major storms and disasters and then encounters situations where there can be grave difficulty in producing water and electricity for the economic continuation and growth of the territory.

“We have to see how they are linked and how they operate together,” Vanterpool said in the House of Assembly recently. “But it’s important for us to put that plan together and address that plan in a very systematic, methodical way.”

And while acknowledging that it is persons’ democratic right to do so, he described as ‘unfortunate’ the practice where governments change and everybody changes their approach and emphasis and the direction of how they want to see things go.

“But there are certain things that are integral and pertinent to the growth and development of the country and we must face them together, … not change them every time a government comes in—a government changes and the focus is changed completely.”

“Infrastructure is one of those things,” he continued. “We need roads — whether we are this government or the other government — properly designed [and] developed roads.”

He further argued that properly designed and developed roads require major capital, just in the same way that properly designed and developed water and sewerage systems need major capital.

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