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Be careful! UK can still suspend our constitution

Be careful! UK can still suspend our constitution

“We must not sit back and allow the United Kingdom to suspend our constitution! We must be careful!”
That’s the warning former Deputy Premier Dr Kedrick Pickering is sending to the BVI as he gears up to contest the next elections that are due in March 2023.

“There is a very real possibility that the United Kingdom might decide to take over this country! There is a very real possibility and I want to raise my voice so people can understand that. The Governor issued a warning the other day, telling our government what they can and can’t do. We must not take it lightly,” Dr Pickering said emphatically during an interview with 284 Media.

The former legislator said persons can show they are interested in governing their own affairs by getting involved in the democratic process and choosing leaders they believe can govern the territory.

“An election is due six to eight months from now and we must get involved — all of us and ensure that we go to the polls and elect persons who can run our country because we have the ability to run this country for other countries to see. We’ve made mistakes but this is the time to make things right,” Dr Pickering stated.

He also said he is concerned there hasn’t been more public debates and forums geared toward educating the electorate ahead of a possible election.

There is a general sentiment that local leaders lack transparency and need to be more responsible in governing the territory’s affairs. But there has been no official polls or data to suggest that residents would favour direct rule from the United Kingdom over local leaders.

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