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BVI Finance launches content series on local financial services industry

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BVI Finance recently announced the launch of its new fact-based content series, titled BVI360, dedicated to showcasing the full picture of the territory’s financial services industry.
The Chief Executive Officer of BVI Finance Elise Donovan explained that the purpose of the series comes at an appropriate time given the ongoing conflict and increasing inflation across the world. She noted this has led to many leading economists predicting a global recession in 2023.

“Now more than ever, the role of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) as a facilitator of investment, trade, and economic growth has become paramount,” said Donovan.

She explained that over the coming weeks, BVI360 will not only highlight the territory’s financial services industry, but it will also showcase the BVI’s expertise and talent and explain how the BVI as a leading jurisdiction continues to evolve.

“As an agile, innovative and resilient financial centre, while being able to adjust regulatory changes and rebound from economic challenges, natural disasters and global pandemics, the BVI remains the jurisdiction of choice,” Donovan said.

The BVI360 Series was commissioned from Pragmatix Advisory by BVI Finance. Pragmatix Advisory is a London-based Business Consultancy Firm whose website describes its job as helping businesses, trade associations and public bodies overcome their biggest challenges through the intelligent and pragmatic use of research and analysis.

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