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BVI needs to reset standard for political leaders - Skelton Cline

BVI needs to reset standard for political leaders - Skelton Cline

The BVI needs to lift its standards when considering persons for elected officials, political commentator Pastor Claude Skelton Cline has suggested.

Skelton Cline, who made those comments on his Honestly Speaking radio programme recently, further argued that this standard should be applied to leadership positions throughout the BVI.

“There should be a floor, there should be a standard, there should be a plumb line, there should be a measuring stick for how we elect leaders in this country,” he added.

Skelton Cline further argued that the BVI can no longer afford to ‘water down’ leadership in the territory.

According to the clergyman, the geopolitical, social, spiritual and economic challenges that the BVI faces and will continue to face calls for such a standard in elected leadership.

This is not pageantry

He argued that while in a democracy anybody should be allowed to seek elected office, there should be an unwritten rule embedded in the culture that says although anybody can run, not just anyone can be elected.

“We can no longer afford to elect persons purely based on popularity. This is not pageantry, this is politics,” the former government contractor posited.

“The people, the majority population of this country are going to discernibly, wisely, prudently, choose women and men that are able. You just can’t be willing, you gotta be able,” he argued.


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