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BVI’s rising crime a symptom of deeper faults

BVI’s rising crime a symptom of deeper faults

Former legislator Dr Kedrick Pickering has argued that the rising crime rate in the territory is “a symptom of other underlying problems”.
Dr Pickering told residents in Virgin Gorda at a campaign rally last evening that there are a lot of children and young people whose parents had a difficult time during the pandemic.

He said many parents could not provide their children with internet services and computer access and many also had to work and leave their children alone and unsupervised during that time.

“Those problems are not going to manifest themselves today,” Dr Pickering said. “They are going to manifest themselves in a few years.”

While arguing that the BVI’s education system needs a complete overhaul, he said it is important that an analysis is done of the system and of the children that might need any extra help.

“We have to confront it. If we don’t, it is going to manifest itself in various ways in five years down the road,” Dr Pickering said.

The former legislator said residents need to elect officials with an understanding of the issues that are affecting the territory.

“There is a storm approaching us, and we need experienced captains to sail the ship,” he argued. “We need experienced captains who know when to look for safe harbour and not to face their waves head on.”

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