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BVICCHA struggles to stay afloat as revenue sinks to ‘all-time low’

BVICCHA struggles to stay afloat as revenue sinks to ‘all-time low’

The BVI Chamber of Commerce & Hotel Association’s (BVICCHA) revenue streams have reached an unprecedented low this year.

Chairwoman of the BVICCHA, Shaina Smith-Archer said this is because of a pandemic-induced economic recession affecting local businesses.

As a result, the Chamber of Commerce has to rely heavily on membership dues and fundraisers to sustain their operation and keep the chamber afloat.

“We have seen our revenue streams shrink to an all-time low and are currently in need of urgent financial support to continue the great work,” Smith-Archer said.

The Chairwoman added that the chamber will accept any donations or pledges that will help them continue its ‘invaluable’ service during these uncertain times.

Businesses called on for support

With the BVICCHA struggling financially, the chairwoman is calling on all active and inactive members for their support.

She also said it has been difficult to keep businesses in operation during the pandemic and has, therefore, commended business owners.

“The past eighteen months have been a chaotic time for Virgin Islands business owners to keep their doors open … I salute all business owners for the persistence they have shown in safeguarding lives and livelihoods during this global health crisis,” the chairwoman added.

Special membership drive

However, she is urging businesses to take advantage of the BVICCHA’s special membership drive that runs from October 15 to December 15 2021.

The drive also applies to not-for-profit organisations.

Smith-Archer said it is a good time for past/inactive members of the Chamber of Commerce to rejoin as they have upgraded their benefits and will be providing more value for membership in the upcoming year.

For new members that join during this drive, the chairwoman said they “will receive a five percent discount on [their] 2022 annual membership fees”.

“If you are a current member and refer a new member who joins from 15th October 2021 to 15th December 2021, you will receive a five percent discount on your 2022 annual membership fees,” she added.

Smith-Archer is also urging businesses to take advantage of what she said is BVICCHA’s affordable advertising services for the promotion of goods and services during the upcoming holidays. She further encouraged businesses to take advantage of the Member-2-Member Discount Plan which is supposed to lower business-to-business costs.


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