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BVIPA purchases land on VG for port expansion

BVIPA purchases land on VG for port expansion

The British Virgin Islands Ports Authority (BVIPA) has announced it has invested in parcels of land located in Virgin Gorda.

It said the parcels of land were purchased to expand the Virgin Gorda port facility by separating the cargo and passenger ports.

“Located in close proximity to the current St Thomas Bay facility on Virgin Gorda makes it the ideal location for port expansion. The separation of these ports has been a part of the BVI Ports Authority’s expansion plans for an extended period of time,” the Authority stated in a press release today, October 9, 2020.

The separation of the passenger and cargo ports has been talked about for many years, including by previous governments; however, no meaningful moves were made until now, under the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Government.

A step forward

Prior to the acquisition of the land, the BVIPA stated, it requested an appraisal by one of the territory’s reputable appraisal companies. “The BVIPA was guided by the figure provided by the appraisal company and moved forward based on information provided in the appraisal.”

The Authority hailed the acquisition of parcels of land on Virgin Gorda as a step forward in the BVIPA’s mission of providing superior quality seaport facilities and services.

“The BVI Ports Authority Board and management team are pleased that they have been able to accomplish this goal in the pursuit to keep the BVI moving.”


The BVI Ports Authority is the managing authority for all official Sea Ports within the [British] Virgin Islands inclusive of the 60ft wide, 1,312 ft. long cruise pier that can berth ships up to a maximum tonnage of 180,000 GRT.

The BVIPA is responsible for the welcoming and safe arrival of seafaring passengers, as well as the reception, handling and security of cargo and sea based trade. For more information please visit www.bviports.org


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