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Cabinet approves new BVI Ports Authority board

Cabinet approves new BVI Ports Authority board

The Virgin Islands Cabinet has approved six new members for the board of the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) following the expiration of the tenure of the past board members in May.
Cabinet documents published today indicated that the previous board member appointments of Roxane Slyvester, Keith Flax, Vincent Wattley, and Patsy Lake expired on May 15, 2022. These are coupled with the resignation of Kelvin Hodge as board Chairman on May 12, 2022.

As such, Cabinet appointed Roxane Ritter-Herbert and Mr David Penn to serve on the BVIPA Board for three years with effect from August 29, 2022, to August 28, 2025. Cabinet also appointed Allison Hermia-Tench and Kedreana Parson to serve for a period of two years with effect from August 29, 2022, to August 28, 2024.

Meanwhile, Michael Mathews and Ms Asiyah Grant have been appointed to serve for one year beginning August 29, 2022 and ending August 28, 2022.

Ritter-Herbert was appointed as the Chairman for the BVIPA board for three years. There will be seven ex officio members serving on the board and they include the BVIPA Managing Director, Permanent Secretary in the Premier’s Office, the Financial Secretary, the Chairman of the BVI Tourist Board, the Chairman of the BVI Airports Authority, the Director of the BVI Tourist Board and the Managing Director of the BVI Airports Authority.

According to the Cabinet document, members of the board will be paid a stipend for their services. The Chairman is expected to receive $1,800 per month, the Deputy Chair $1,500 per month and members $900 per month.

Cabinet has also decided that the Managing Director or any other employee of the BVI Ports Authority will not receive a stipend for attending board meetings as board attendance is in the purview of the duties of their role and would already be considered in the remuneration package.

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