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Cabinet declines RDA’s 3-year extension request, orders wind-up plans

Cabinet declines RDA’s 3-year extension request, orders wind-up plans

A three-year extension that would have seen the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) remain in operation up till December 2026 has been declined.
RDA Chairman Ronnie Skelton was the one to seek the 2026 extension. The Cabinet has instead decided to give the RDA a lifeline of two years and eight months. This means the RDA will now operate up until December 2025.

According to details released in an October 5 Cabinet meeting extract, the RDA was asked to prepare itself for a transition that would allow its operations to be folded into the government’s Public Works Department and other entities.

According to details disclosed from the Cabinet meeting, the Premier’s Office was expected to instruct the Attorney General’s Chambers to prepare an amendment to extend the period of the dissolution of the RDA. That amendment was then expected to be brought before the House of Assembly at its next convenient sitting.

Cabinet further decided that the RDA should not take on any new project where the completion date would exceed the extended life of the agency.

The Cabinet further requested that the RDA develop and execute a plan to transfer its knowledge and skills to the Department of Public Works, and any other relevant agency in collaboration with the Premier’s Office.

Cabinet also decided that the RDA should report on a semi-annual basis to the Cabinet on progress made according to the Cabinet’s latest directives.

The agency must now develop and present to Cabinet a winding-up plan in conjunction with the Premier’s Office by the end of November 2024.

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