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Cancer Society seeing more support from organisations

Cancer Society seeing more support from organisations

BVI Cancer Society is reporting that it has seen an uptick in support from community organisations.
President of the Cancer Society Gloria Fahie made that announcement as her organisation kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the territory.

The month on activities kicked off on Saturday.

“Each year we see more and more businesses lending support to the awareness of cancers. Individuals from young to old wear their pink T-shirts showing support to those affected by the disease. As we prepare for the 2022 observance, I am happy to already see inquiries and indications of the same level of support,” Fahie said.

She gave special recognition to members of the local banking fraternity that have come on board.

“We are especially proud of the relationship that the BVI Cancer Society has developed with FirstCaribbean International Bank which has become one of the largest corporate cancer awareness champions in the Territory. Mr. Fabian Devonish and his team already kicked off the activities with the car treasure hunt in September and will be hosting the “Walk for a Cure” on 8 October.

She said the Cancer Society is also pleased that the Valley Sound Lions Club is promoting a month of activities on Virgin Gorda.

In addition to this, the BVI Health Services Authority is will be hosting a community forum to share medical information on various aspects of cancer – such as symptoms, treatments, and mental effects.

In the meantime, Cancer Society Vice President Mervin Hastings said he hopes the observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October will encourage more residents to check for cancer.

“We are hoping that persons will understand that breast cancer is not only a female issue but that males are affected too. Therefore, we are urging all to look into information relating to breast cancer. The BVI Cancer Society wants persons to take advantage of mammogram and ultrasound options in the territory. While it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I would encourage persons to also check on symptoms for any other forms of cancer because we are concerned about all,” Hastings stated.

He added: “We cannot emphasise the importance of early detection. The BVI Cancer Society feels strongly about early detection because too many persons in our community are discovering cancer too late. We are hearing too often about stage four diagnosis, and this bothers the members of the BVI Cancer Society. Therefore, I would like to plead with all to learn more about the various forms of cancers, note the symptoms, and check out any noted cases.”

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