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Christmas in the City set for December 3 and 4 at new location

Christmas in the City set for December 3 and 4 at new location

The popular seasonal event Christmas in the City (formerly Christmas on DeCastro Street) is set to happen in the first week of December at a new location.

This will be the first year Christmas in the City will take place on Shore Way Drive, across from the old traffic building in Road Town.

City Manager Janice Braithwaite-Edwards said Transportation Minister permitted that area to host the event because it is the only two-way street in the city and it will not stop traffic entering and leaving Road Town.

“We’ve changed our modus operandi a little bit because we are trying to accommodate associations in the community that are non-profit. At the end of the day, Christmas in the City is done by the Association of Small Businesses; so, people who are trying to come out for the first time, we want to showcase them,” Brathwaite-Edwards said.

“The business community is getting a chance to participate. People can come out with their goods and showcase and sell them. Last year the business community complained that they were not able to be involved. This year we are in the heart of the city and the heart of the business community,” she added.

The event will happen over two days, Friday, December 3 and Saturday, December 4, instead of the three days that was seen last year.

Seeking to replicate 2020—the most successful ever

Brathwaite-Edwards said organisers are looking forward to this year and are seeking to replicate the success of 2020, which she says was the event’s most successful year despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“It (2020) was our biggest showcase ever. We had 67 vendors last year. I don’t think that we are able to accommodate 67 this year because we don’t have as much space. So, we are looking for the same or even more success this year. Last year we took it from DeCastro Street and we had it in the Central Administration Complex and it was a hit,” the City Manger stated.

The City Manger said her team, which as expanded by four persons, is a little bit behind in trying to put everything together but despite everything, Christmas in the City is ready to launch for 2021.

She said the main challenge in staging the popular event on the local calendar was the location.

Diverse entertainment and attractions

Brathwaite-Edwards further said patrons can expect a diverse set of entertainment and attractions throughout the two days as the event tries to accommodate people of all ages and backgrounds.

“Cedar School has a brand-new band, so they are debuting. The Disability Association are coming out on Friday to do some presentations because Friday, [December 3] is Disabilities Day; so, we are going to support them. We also have a new fresh-squeezed orange juice vendor in town and you’ll see them there,” she said.

“We have a senior and junior dance group coming. We won’t have a Santa this year because we are doing that later on in the year. However, we have a line-up of bands including the Shooting Stars. They are going to perform for us and we have some DJs in the line-up as well,” she added.

How to register for a vendors booth

Vendors who wish to operate at the event have to contact the organisers and register a booth. Braithwaite-Edwards said the booth spaces are 10 feet by ten feet and are priced at $350 each.

She noted all COVID-19 protocols established by the government will be followed.

“We have wash stations throughout and you still have to wear your mask and at least 3 feet physical distancing,” she said.


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