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COMMENTARY: Covering up other problems with vaccines and taxes

COMMENTARY: Covering up other problems with vaccines and taxes

Saying so does not make it so. And it’s not uncommon to know less than we know but think we do more than we do.

So although ‘truth’ may have more enemies than friends, we have nothing without it … I bring neither harm nor malice but my word is no gospel. So, please check my facts for yourself; for pastors have altered sermons, teachers changed lectures, and parents mislead us from time to time.

However, a wilful mix of facts with fiction is sure to result in confusion and what was clear before, becomes clouded.

It took less than a year for COVID-19 to drag us kicking and screaming into a crisis where worldwide opinions still lack concrete solutions and leave us with knee-jerk reactions of accepting, rejecting or doing whatever we are told to; provided we are not required to think or reason.

Unfortunately, even our health at risk and economy in shambles won’t stop us from spending monies. We do not possess on projects. We do not need when our failure to think and plan can be blamed on others and we can excuse our laziness by claiming to be special children of God. It’s okay, He will make a way to cover our inflated taxes, fines, custom tariffs and any other cost of living increases.

As the Crisis grows, human experimentations expand, quick fixes populate the internet, everyone is an authority and leaders view their own roles as social dictators rather than people’s representers.

But who cares if we are disenfranchised or starved to death? They can always claim, ‘it’s for our own good’ and, we are just lab rats to be treated like sheep and punished for daring to think for ourselves.

Of course, many may deny all I have said but none of this is lie or new … Love and ignorance do strange things to us. In the name of ‘love’, we drank Canadian healing oil as a cure-all and took medicine for diarrhoea to cure tooth ache… However, what is more unfortunate as a tiny West Indian island is, for 20-plus years, governments consistently destroyed local BVIslanders in both quantity and quality.

How we became strangers in our own homes

Somehow, Politicians seem to regard the trading of our children’s birthrights for their personal gain and political support as good policy. Consequently, less than 30 parents of BVI residents have dual BVIslander grandparents. Subsequently, BVIslanders became a minority in their own country with their diminished destiny controlled by those with dual nationalities and strangers to our history.

Furthermore, this foreign presence in our top jobs, finance and commerce, company and property ownerships, and all aspects of the decision-making process have negated the worth and value of true BVIslanders to the point where they live in denial.

Even, if and when we are forced to acknowledge the facts, we console ourselves, that new leadership will make it better. Somehow, that never happens. Instead, in less than two generations, even the children of leaders became strangers in their homes; thanks to the decisions of their parents.

COVID desperation a distractor from other problems

Conveniently, our COVID-19 desperation serves as a major distractor from other problems and, reminding you of these truths, make me no friends.

Nonetheless, Tomorrow will come and unless corrected, these ignored realities will break the backs of our children.

Today, we are in crisis-mode; clutching at straws with hopes that each will be the miracle. However, the focus is more on dead presidents’ dollars than living people’s future. And those not glued to this agenda become victimized and discredited. However, real leaders spring from the liberalism of learning rather than conservatism of puppetry and today still remains our only chance to prepare for tomorrow.

Forcing us backwards from the future

If we are all in this together, then you know that paycheques have disappeared and our pain is real. Slavery was replaced by freedom of choice with the ability to read and learn how similar countries handled their pandemic. It requires no special degree to reason that leaders who increase taxes and consumer prices, while they profit and refuse to reduce their own paycheques do not care for people.

Then again, why should they when we have been traditionally conditioned to devalue and hate ourselves so much that we automatically accept their confusion as our solution? Besides, we are too desperate and preoccupied with the myriad of problems and promises to care about tomorrow, and, anyone who would think about enlightening the masses would be too afraid of the pressure and victimisation.

‘Many’ does not mean ‘all’.

Maybe they are right for many seem overwhelmed as we grab for 20/20 hindsight in total darkness and start locking gates after the wolves have escaped. In desperation, we are ready to be pacified by hollow promises and manufactured excuses in support of vaccines and increased government charges. Many have simply given up and that is tragic, but we must be thankful that ‘many’ does not mean ‘all’.

We are not unwilling to consider vaccines as an answer for human survival or to regard increased government taxes as necessary for social survival. But show us. Let us know ‘Why, How and When’ before forcing the ‘What’ on us because even after we are gone, these problems still need solutions to take our children into the future, rather than, quick fixes that leave more questions than answers.

Research for yourself

My Beliefs have not changed. However, we are all witnessing increasing pressure and vaccine-mania that could suggest conditions that would prevent us from serving the public.

Therefore, should I take vaccines or any steps, necessary to allow me to serve you, this is not as an example or Judas goat for others to follow. So, please, do your own research and think wisely in making your own decisions.


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