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‘Confrontational relationship with Premier did not prompt COI’

‘Confrontational relationship with Premier did not prompt COI’

While claiming he was subjected to false or misleading assertions from Premier Andrew Fahie, former governor Augustus Jaspert has said this did not prompt the Commission of Inquiry (COI).
Jaspert made that claim directly in response to criticisms that Premier Fahie made at a previous hearing before the COI. Among other things, the Premier described the former governor as abusive.

In the statement read out by COI attorney Bilal Rawat yesterday, Jaspert said: “I have a read the assertions put forward by the Premier regarding my conduct. I do not agree with these assertions and they do not correspond with my recollection of events.”

Jaspert said he was clear about his commitment to working in partnership with the elected government, having served with two administrations.

The former governor noted, too, that he has held a deep respect for the constitution and the role of elected members in the House of Assembly.

“I was, in the latter half of my time in office during the current administration, subjected to many assertions by the current Premier which I believe were misrepresentations,” Jaspert said.

He told the COI that despite being the subject of many unnecessarily confrontational assertions in writing and in public statements, this did not change his approach of a continued commitment to partnership and to operate professionally and with respect for the constitution and elected members at all times.

“Regardless of any real or perceived challenges in the relationship, I should make clear, this had no bearing on my decision to call a Commission of Inquiry,” Jaspert said.

The former governor issued an order start the COI to look into whether corruption, abuse of office or other serious dishonesty may have taken place amongst public, elected and statutory officials in recent years.

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