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Controversy as Jr Mystics defeat Jr Skillfull Ballers in 2022 rematch

Controversy as Jr Mystics defeat Jr Skillfull Ballers in 2022 rematch

Many would remember in the 2021 BVI Basketball Federation (BVIBF) District League there was controversy when the Virgin Gorda junior team carrying the name at the time of Jr Bayside Blazers was robbed of competing in the championship game.
What happened in 2021?

The issue had come about when the coach of Jr Skillful Ballers, Ronald Simmonds aka ‘Gola’, wrote a letter to the Federation asking that a referee, Norval A. Young, from Virgin Gorda be removed from refereeing the game because Simmons felt Young would have cheated for the then Jr Bayside Blazers.

The letter was never brought to the attention of the opposing team and the night of the final game when the then Jr Bayside Blazers' management discovered the unfair situation moments before the game was to start, a decision was made to return the team to Virgin Gorda. The game last year was then forfeited to Jr Skillful Ballers.

In the 2022 league, the same two teams, Jr Skillful Ballers and Jr Mystics from Virgin Gorda, made it to the championship game.

This time Mr Young was not refereeing the game.

The Jr Mystics had piled much pressure on the Jr Skillful Ballers and led them through the game by at least 15 points.

The score at the time was Jr Mystics 64 points and Jr Skillful Ballers 48 points, with 3 plus minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, when coach Simmonds had an outburst against the referees. He was then given a Double Technical Foul.

Gola’s losing excuses?

He then pulled his team Jr Skillful Ballers off the court, claiming that “the referees were not calling fair and that they were against my team.”

The game was then forfeited to Jr Mystics; however, most fans and sports commentators believed they would have won anyway. One fan who was at the game noted: “the situation came full circle as when Gola is losing he is always blaming the referees.”

The B League Championship was awarded to Jr Mystic of Virgin Gorda with a final score of 64-48.

The 2022 VG Jr Mystics team was managed and coached by Trevor M. Stevens aka 'West' and sponsored by Hon Vincent O. Wheatley, the Ninth District Representative.

Vg Mystics celebrate their championship in the B Division of the BVIBF District League.

The score when the game was stopped as in a favour of VG Mystics.


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