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COVID-19: UK commended VI for ‘exemplary’ use of resources

COVID-19: UK commended VI for ‘exemplary’ use of resources

Premier and Minister of Finance, Hon Andrew A. Fahie says that in recent correspondence with the UK, the territory was hailed for its use of limited resources to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Premier made the announcement on Thursday, December 24, 2020, in a statement on the territory moving forward from the pandemic.

Putting limited resources to work – Premier Fahie

“Your Government believes in the strength of our local businesses and the strength of the people of the Virgin Islands. We Virgin Islanders are the ones who must control our own destiny, as we have been doing for generations,” Hon Fahie said.

Further, he remarked, “What we have been able to achieve with our limited resources is exemplary – and your Government has been told this by the UK Minister for the Overseas Territories in recent correspondence.”

The Premier congratulated all the businesses and individuals for being able to meet the requirements for Government’s business stimulus packages and said that he was pleased that many people have been able to benefit from the economic stimulus.

“We did our best with the funding that was available to ease some of the financial strain on you our people and businesses during this challenging time. Indeed, these are challenging times for economies around the world – large, medium and small,” Hon Fahie underscored.

Premier Andrew A. Fahie said, what the territory has been able to achieve with its limited resources is exemplary and that the Government was hailed for its resourceful management of the pandemic by the UK Minister for the Overseas Territories.

Gov’t being held accountable with SSB grants – Premier Fahie

According to the Premier, the government was able to make available the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Grant which were issued in accordance with strict guidelines and conditions from the local Social Security Board so that the monies were handled in an accountable manner.

Hon Fahie said Government remains pleased that people and businesses continue to put the stimulus funds to good use while abiding by the terms and conditions of the grants.


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