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Customised FinTech course being launched in BVI

Customised FinTech course being launched in BVI

A customised Financial Technology (FinTech) course is being launched in the British Virgin Islands.

FinTech is an emerging and innovative category of technology used to create easier ways to utilise and deliver financial services.

The course to be introduced is a collaboration between the Financial Services Institute (FSI) at HLSCC, BVI Finance, and the Department of Computer Studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

A media release from BVI Finance said the online programme is proposed to launch in August and is designed to support the development of FinTech professionals in the BVI.

Noting the relevance of the course, CEO of BVI Finance, Elise Donovan said the BVI’s cryptocurrency market is among the largest in the world, adding that leading FinTech companies have chosen to incorporate in the BVI.

To that end, she said there is a gap between what the industry needs in terms of talent or human capital, and what talent can be sourced in the BVI.

Donovan said the FinTech course is, therefore, one of the first steps in bridging the gap which will allow the BVI to further grow the sector and become more tech-savvy and on par with countries like Singapore.

The FinTech course targets new graduates and mid-career professionals who are looking to upskill. And according to BVI Finance, the overall objective of the course is to develop the BVI FinTech ecosystem and enable local talent to compete globally.

Upon completing the course, participants will receive professional certifications from the NUS School of Computing.

Available jobs in FinTech

The programme was announced at a virtual information session on April 28. Donovan as well as FSI Director Dr Derry Hodge, and NUS Associate Professor Keith Carter facilitated the session.

And according to Professor Carter, careers available in the FinTech sector, which includes both technical and business roles.

He said the technical roles available include front-end developers, back-end developers, database engineers and security engineers. On the other hand, business roles include project managers, adoption/ change managers, business analysts, automation engineers, quality leads and graphic designers.

In the meantime, news of this course follows the July 2018 announcement from Professor Carter that NUS is willing to enter into an agreement with the BVI to train locals in FinTech and associated areas.

Persons seeking more information are invited to contact the Financial Services Institute via telephone 284-340-6310 and 284-340-6322 or via email on derhodge@hlscc.edu.vg or derry.hodge@fsibvi.com.


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