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Economic reboot $$ will be diverted to any new lockdown- Hon Fahie

As some community members continue to call for the Virgin Islands to re-open and allow an influx of visitors to enter, Premier and Minister of Finance, Hon Andrew A. Fahie has reiterated that Government cannot take risks that can cause another complete lockdown, as the Territory cannot afford it.

"An internal assessment has shown that if we end up in another Territory-wide lockdown, the money that we have for rebooting the economy will have to be used instead for social support. And when that is over, we will not have any money left to reboot the economy," Hon Fahie said.

The Premier made the analysis in a statement on Sunday, August 9, 2020, entitled 'Economic Boost for the Virgin Islands on the Horizon: The Construction Industry'.

"I cannot emphasise enough that for your Government, our highest priority is the safety and health of each Virgin Islander and resident," Premier Fahie said.

Every life matters in the VI - Premier Fahie

He said Government also agrees that human life is most precious above all material things and that the safety of every life matters, "That is why your Government cannot afford to take unnecessary risks that can lead to our loved ones getting sick, or worse dying.

"We cannot take unnecessary risks that can cause our medical facilities to become overburdened. And, we cannot take unnecessary risks that can trigger another complete lockdown," Hon Fahie reiterated.

He reminded that countries of the world are exploring every method possible to balance their economy while trying to keep their residents safe and not succumbing to the pressures of those who are putting wealth above health.


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