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Education Minister chided for doing ‘media blitz’ amid poor state of schools

Education Minister chided for doing ‘media blitz’ amid poor state of schools

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has rebuked Education Minister, Dr Natalio Wheatley for neglecting the state of local schools but reportedly embarking on a media blitz to shift blame.

Penn levelled those accusations yesterday while speaking on the NDP (National Democratic Party) radio show last evening, September 20.

“The minister went on a media blitz over the past [days] concerning the school situation, and all he did on his media blitz is blame everyone, except take responsibility for the situation that we have with the schools in our territory,” Penn said.

“He is responsible, he is the Minister. He is the Deputy Premier and deputy leader of this country, and has our children dealing with this kind of situation,“ the Opposition Leader continued.

Penn then accused Dr Wheatley of being audacious in expressing disappointment in him (Penn), as the Opposition Leader of the territory.

“I want to let the minister know what disappointment looks like,” Penn said. “Disappointment is those students, those parents and teachers in Jost Van Dyke, when they had to take their children to that school – that’s what disappointment looks like.”

“Disappointment is the parents at Francis Lettsome [Primary School] — the teachers — to have to work in that condition, to see what their children have to go through and what the teachers have to go through because of your negligence,” he added.

“Disappointment is the teachers and children at the Willard Wheatley school – sweltering heat – the air conditioners not functioning,” Penn further said.

He noted that, with the help of a local businessman, the air conditioning system at the school has started to be addressed, but other units remain.

Minister never had a clue about farming & fishing grants

Penn further accused Dr Wheatley, who also has responsibility for the agricultural sector, of not having a clue about what happened with assistance grants distributed by the government last year.

“Disappointment is our farmers and fishermen, the legitimate ones, who waited for their stimulus and their support,” Penn said. “And the businesses who waited on their stimulus checks – and they’re still waiting on their support from stimulus, which this same minister, who’s responsible for fishing and farming, don’t have a clue what happened and still can’t get support to those persons. This minister is a disappointment.”


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