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Employment and training programme coming for Belongers

Employment and training programme coming for Belongers

The government is getting ready to launch a programme that will provide training and employment for Belongers.
The programme known as RATED (Registration, Apprenticeship, Training, Employment, and Development) was formulated to provide services to Belongers who are unemployed and underemployed.

“The concept is providing individuals with training and apprenticeship opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills to become more marketable in the workplace. It also provides temporary employment opportunities in the public sector for activities like farming and beautification,” Premier Wheatley announced at a press conference last week.

Premier Wheatley said under the RATED programme, Belongers will also be provided with opportunities for self-development through life skills courses and access to motivational speakers.

Premier Wheatley said the large number of work permits generated for immigrant workers yearly is proof that the BVI has no issues generating employment. But he said there are still residents who remain underemployed and need help to upgrade their skills so they can thrive in the job market.

“This is what the RATED is designed to do. We’ll be having specific apprenticeship programmes where the government will pay a portion of stipends and a private sector employer will pay a portion and give persons an opportunity to learn on the job and we’re hopeful that perhaps the private employers will retain them. We will also be doing partnerships with the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College that already has programmes to help persons gain skills,” Premier Wheatley explained.

The Premier said more information on the RATED Programme will be provided to the public in the coming weeks.

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