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New Assistant and Deputy Commissioner to be announced soon

New Assistant and Deputy Commissioner to be announced soon

Police Commissioner Mark Collins said the territory will soon hear the names of the persons who have been chosen to serve as Assistant Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Police.
He said recruiters should have finalised the hiring process for the two senior cops last week.

The most senior posts in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) have always been controversial in the BVI as there is a perception that expatriates from the United Kingdom are almost always given preference.

However, residents have long held the view that such high ranking posts should go to highly-skilled and hardworking local police officers who have served with excellence over the years.

Despite public outcry, those top posts continue to go to expatriates.

But last week, Commissioner Collins announced that he intends to fill other senior posts using officers from within the RVIPF.

“I quickly want to go in and recruit new superintendents and new chief inspectors from within the organisation. No external adverts — from within the organisation. We have the skill and the expertise within RVIPF to recruit from within,” the Police Commissioner said. He added that those posts will be advertised very soon.

While there is a common view that top police posts should be held by BVIslanders, there are still residents who believe policing is better when the Force is led by expatriates because having locals as leaders would fuel crime and corruption.

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