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Ex-cop who tipped off individuals about police raid to appeal case before ECSC

Ex-cop who tipped off individuals about police raid to appeal case before ECSC

A former officer of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) who was found guilty of Breach of Trust for tipping off individuals of a police raid to be executed back in 2013, will be appealing her case before the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC).

Starcy Huggins' case is one of several appeal cases before the ECSC in the Virgin Islands from May 31 to June 4, 2021, according to court documents.

Ex-cop Huggins,

Huggins was given a two year suspended sentence for ‘Breach of Trust for leaking police information to some individuals that were about to be raided by the team of police officers she was a part of.
Her sentence was handed down by Magistrate Ayanna O. Baptiste DaBreo in 2019, and she was told that she would only serve the sentence if she committed another offence in the next two years.

Court information states that while she and other officers were heading to conduct a covert operation in 2013, she alerted the individuals whom she had known and had their contact details in her phone.

She called the individuals while inside the police cruiser saying: “ayo owe me big time. They coming; they coming now,” when her colleagues made a stop and went outside.


Another major matter going up for appeal before the ECSC is concerning incest.

An East End man, who was accused and eventually convicted of having sexual relations in 2010 with a member of his family is appealing his sentence of 6.5 years.

The local man was tried before the high court in 2017 on four counts of incest and was found guilty by the jury and subsequently given the sentence by Justice Nicola P. Byer.

It is alleged that the victim in this matter had been left to the male for him to look after when the offences occurred.

The ECSC preliminary cause list was released on May 3, 2021.


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