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Fahie questions Penn’s conflicting earnings in 2013 FSC contract

Fahie questions Penn’s conflicting earnings in 2013 FSC contract

Premier Andrew Fahie has called into question the conflicting earnings that were reportedly made by Opposition Leader Marlon Penn while he (Penn) had a contract with the Financial Services Commission (FSC) back in 2013.
According to the Premier, the Opposition Leader has offered different figures at different times about what he earned in the contract.

The issue arose as legislators debated a motion to exempt government legislator, Neville ‘Sheep’ Smith from having to vacate his seat in the HOA after becoming engaged in a contract with the government.

Penn went through a similar process when he was offered a contract by the state-owned FSC in 2013 while he was a member of the former NDP government.

“He (Penn) said [at first] he didn’t receive a dime from his contract at FSC,” Premier Fahie stated. “But in the Hansard report, the last time we were here, based on the report that I have here, it stated that, ‘I (Penn) received $10,000 from the contract but all was paid out to sub-contractors’. That’s in the notes.”

Penn told the HOA yesterday that he received $18,407 over a two-year period.

But Premier Fahie said he has evidence that Penn earned even way more than this amount on the FSC contract.

“But I just want us to do some fact-checking because when we checked off of a question that you asked us — and we were checking who all had contracts — we got from FSC that your contract was $141,000 for two years, so that is an answer to a question coming up,” Fahie said.

The Opposition Leader quickly rose to interrupt the Premier and vehemently denied the Fahie’s accusation.

“The Premier is putting things on the record and if he’s putting these things on the record he needs to bring the evidence. I have the evidence of what I was paid and I will put it on the record of this House. So if he’s going to put those things on the record in terms of what I made from FSC, he needs to put on record the evidence of what I made from FSC,” Penn stated.

“The member is making statements that are attributed to me and is suggesting to the public that I made $141,000 a year from FSC for a contract and other services which is totally not true,” Penn responded.

Penn told the HOA that most of the work that he did for the FSC was pro bono work and on behalf of his country.

He said the record is clear on the amount of money that was made, and promised to lodge his documents with the HOA for the sake of accuracy.

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