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Fahie responds to unjust and absolutly wrong criticism of BVI Love

Fahie responds to unjust and absolutly wrong criticism of BVI Love

The decision to get rid of the 'Nature's Little Secrets' slogan is smart, important and vital, in an age where where financial secrecy is associated with crime and terrorism. The Premier is absolutely right in his decision to get rid of this harmful slogan. The alternative 'BVI Love' slogan is indeed devoid of creativity and marketing sense, but much less harmful than the previous one. If they were to ask my professional opinion, I would recommend the slogan: "Breathtaking View Inside" as a gentle declaration of independence, or "Nature's Luxury" or "Heaven on Earth" as more marketing-oriented slogans.
Following a scathing review of the new Virgin Islands tagline by former Director of the BVI Tourist Board (BVITB) Sharon Flax-Brutus, Premier Andrew Fahie has responded to the criticism.

Speaking at a one-on-one session with the media on Friday, the Premier said he did not have a lot to say on the matter.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not to their own facts,” Fahie said when asked about Flax-Brutus’ criticism of the new tagline ‘BVI Love’.

The change in the slogan from ‘Nature’s Little Secrets’ to “BVI Love’ has been an initiative spearheaded by the Premier’s office to improve and build on ‘brand BVI’ and to increase the visibility of its tourism product.

For years, the financial services sector, the other main pillar of the Virgin Islands’ economy, argued the wording of ‘Nature’s Little Secrets’ implied the BVI had something to hide.

The territory has been plagued by allegations that it is a tax haven for persons who desire to keep details of their finances a secret, despite strongly refuting these claims.

Flax-Brutus, who now describes herself as a Tourism Experience Curator, said she felt the new marketing slogan does not have an impact on the guests visiting the territory.

While speaking on the Talking Points radio show, she said ‘Nature’s Little Secrets had a lot of cachets and had a lot of marketing and brand equity for identifying the BVI.

The former BVITB Director also noted that when looking at it from a vacation perspective, the name connoted something very special.

Flax-Brutus was adamant the campaign did nothing for the BVI internationally and she had questioned whether there was an appreciation for the distinction between a campaign and a full-on marketing strategy.

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