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Father arresting after chasing daughter with cutlass

Father arresting after chasing daughter with cutlass

A Pockwood Pond, Tortola man was taken into police custody for reportedly chasing his daughter while brandishing a cutlass, after he caught her going through his mobile phone.

The incident occurred at around 10:00 pm on Sunday, December 27, 2020, when police received a report of a female being allegedly abused by the man at their home.

According to information coming into Virgin Islands News Online (VINO), for unknown reasons, the female sneaked into her parent's room, where she allegedly took the phone.

Father caught daughter going through phone

Sources said she was caught by her father while was going through his phone and violating his privacy, and the man retaliated by arming himself with a cutlass and chasing after her.

The female reportedly fell down the stairs in her attempt to evade getting chopped from the man.

Police and EMT were called in and she was taken to the Dr D. Orlando Smith Hospital for treatment.

The father was arrested for being armed with an offensive weapon and for abuse, and was taken to the police station where he was questioned and subsequently released.

Police investigation into the issue continues.


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