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Faulty transformer leaves Anegada without water! 24-hr fix promised

Faulty transformer leaves Anegada without water! 24-hr fix promised

Anegada is currently experiencing an islandwide water interruption.
Works & Utilities Minister, Kye Rymer said this interruption is because of “a transformer that is no longer working”.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on Thursday, he said the Water & Sewerage Department is working alongside the BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) to rectify the matter.

“Please note that the BVIEC is currently making arrangements to transport the new transformer to Anegada via barge by 3:30 this afternoon. We anticipate that this matter should be rectified by tomorrow, the latest,” Rymer stated.

He did not give any indication as to what time of day tomorrow the issue is expected to be fixed.

In the interim, however, the Works Ministry is looking at “alternative ways of providing relief” to the residents of Anegada, Rymer stated.

“I would like to take this opportunity to let the residents of Anegada know that we are there with them and the business community as well. We recognise these unforeseen occurrences and I give my pledge to have this matter rectified soonest,” the minister said.

He added: The territory seems to be plagued with a multitude of water issues and we continuously hear the cry from the community. As residents ourselves, we too experience the inconveniences of the loss of this most valuable resource. This is also compounded by this season of drought. I would like let the people of the Virgin Islands know that this government continues to exhaust all options and resources to remedy these water woes.”

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