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Flax-Charles Chides Media For Publishing Gossip

Flax-Charles Chides Media For Publishing Gossip

Members of the media are being encouraged to report responsibly and desist from rushing to publish gossip.
Hon. Shereen Flax-Charles, who was at the time speaking on the recent debate over the role and actions of the Governor, sought to firstly make it clear that she has had a good relationship with Governor Gus Jaspert and wishes him well as he prepares to depart the BVI.

“But I think as a Territory free from colonialism, but still somehow yoked we ought to be conscious of the limits of our independence. To this end, I want to caution that everyone including the general public as well as the media, it is yours to inform, but it is also yours to be responsible,” she said at the sitting of the House of Assembly.

Hon. Flax-Charles, believes that there are instances where the media rush to publish gossip.

“The priorities sometimes place in the quickest, most sensational stories and gossip, is proven damaging to the fabric of our peace,” she stated.

The At-Large Representative gave an example that involved herself.

She stated, “Just yesterday I was appalled at the twisting of a positive story that I myself was a part of, the comments on these blogs as they call them , urged us to rethink our desire to be trending seeds of (discord) that cannot be sowed at this time when as the elders would say ‘the barrel bottom is close to bursting’.”

She added, “We must be responsible, everyone out there must be responsible, inclusive of the media. We have to careful; we have to honest.”

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