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Fraser concerned about Governor’s unpaid $44K COI bill

Fraser concerned about Governor’s unpaid $44K COI bill

Opposition Leader Julian Fraser has expressed concern over an unpaid bill incurred by Governor Rankin during his Commission of Inquiry (COI) appearance late last year.
The Governor had appeared before the COI in November last year to face questions posed by Sir Geoffrey Cox on behalf of the Attorney General.

But according to Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley who was speaking in the House of Assembly (HOA) recently, the Attorney General did not legally represent Governor Rankin as she should have.

He explained that private legal representation was provided by the government in consultation with the Attorney General and the costs for this amounted to $44,220.

Dr Wheatley told the HOA that the bill has not yet been paid and explained that the contract is currently being vetted before the payment can be processed.

Governor Rankin recently stated the cost was rightly met by the government, as it should have been, because the representation was authorised specifically by the Attorney General.

Meanwhile, Fraser also questioned the Premier about whose interest the Governor would have served during his appearance for questioning before the COI given that he represents the United Kingdom as Governor of the territory.

In response, Dr Wheatley said he didn’t feel it was his role to discern whose interest the Governor was serving when he appeared before the COI.

“I would leave the [HOA] member (Fraser) and others to come to their own conclusion about that,” Dr Wheatley stated.

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