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Global Britain’s mandate is to maintain power & control of VI– Skelton-Cline

Global Britain’s mandate is to maintain power & control of VI– Skelton-Cline

As uncertainty looms over the outcome of the United Kingdom (UK) sponsored Commission of Inquiry (CoI), Honestly Speaking radio show host Claude O. Skelton-Cline has reminded that the UK as an empire has always had the mandate to maintain power and control.

Turning attention to the blue economy model, which is the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic development, Skelton-Cline on the June 3, 2021, edition of his Honestly Speaking radio show said “They [UK] are up maintaining absolute control, of that footprint across the Caribbean.”

The Blue Economy

This control, he said, will also include exploration and exploitation of the region’s resources, especially the resources of Overseas Territories.

Looking back at history and the behaviour of empires, Skelton-Cline suggested that all are the same where, “they extract from the poor to give to the rich, it’s the maintenance of their power and control over everybody else,” he said.

He called on his radio listeners to examine the locations of other OTs in comparison to the Virgin Islands and the mandate of the UK.

“Unless you’re going off to space, you’re going in the blue ocean… and what the Global Britain [is], part of its initiative is to maintain control and domination from their slave and colonial past,” he said.

Talkshow host and Social Commentator, Claude O. Skelton-Cline says the UK in its quest to allegedly take control of its OTs to pursue the blue economy.

VI constitutional review

According to the man of the cloth, while the VI should have been in the middle of its Constitutional Review of 2017, he said in the context of the UK, the VI will now have to negotiate with the same UK for more freedom with the people holding the territory hostage.

"How you’re going to negotiate your freedom with the jailer, when the jailer’s usefulness and job and position of authority is to continue to be the jailer,” he questions.

He called on Virgin Islanders to stop fighting each other and look at what is a stake in the future, regarding the Global Britain agenda.

The VI is currently undergoing a CoI paid for by the UK government with the oversight of a lone commissioner. Many have described it as a fishing expedition and a conclusion already written, with the aim of taking control of the territory.


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