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Gov’t establishes education grants review panel

Gov’t establishes education grants review panel

The Government of National Unity has selected a panel to begin the review of the territory’s scholarships/educational grants programme.
Recommendation B11 under the proposed COI Implementation framework noted that Cabinet should establish a panel which comprises people from civic society to review the territory’s education grant programme with a view to recommending clearly expressed and published criteria by which applicants are selected.

The panel is also expected to ensure an open and transparent process and the proper recording, assessment, and monitoring of the programme.

The deadline for the establishment of the panel was June 30, 2022, and the deadline for completion and submission of the report to the Premier and the Governor is October 31, 2022.

Minister for Education Sharie de Castro has noted that the panel has been passed by Cabinet by the deadline and the five-member panel is made up of a diverse set of people from different professions in society.

“The panel is chaired by Dr Sauda Underwood-Smith. The other members are Dr Richard Georges, Ms Kamika Forbes, Kishelle Blaize-Cameron and Mr Maurice Turnbull. So, we looked at persons in various areas of higher education, economics, persons from voluntary and civic organisations within the community, experts in laws and policy and so forth so that we could have a holistic approach to issuing grants in the future,” de Castro said.

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