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Gov’t ministers support proposal to give Anegada its own district rep

Gov’t ministers support proposal to give Anegada its own district rep

At least four government ministers have offered support for a proposal that seeks to give the island of Anegada an exclusive district representative.
This was revealed when the ministers held a meeting with residents on the island over the weekend.

Currently, Ninth District Representative, Vincent Wheatley — who also serves as Minister of Natural Resources, Labour & Immigration — has oversight over the islands of Anegada and Virgin Gorda as part of his constituency.

Along with Wheatley, Health Minister Carvin Malone, Works Minister Kye Rymer and Premier Andrew Fahie all offered their support, at least in principle, for moving the initiative forward.

Education Minister, Dr Natalio Wheatley, who was absent from the meeting at the time was not canvassed for his view on the matter.

According to the Ninth District Representative, he was willing to pilot the initiative through the House of Assembly (HOA) once the community could garner enough signatures from residents in support of the motion.

It was a sentiment shared by Minister Rymer, who said the initiative has to be something that the people of Anegada support.

“This government will work with you once it is clear that you want to be your own district and you can work together to choose one from among you to represent in the House of Assembly,” Wheatley said.

He advised the residents that working towards a common goal will empower them once they make the decision to move towards becoming their own district.

“I firmly believe until you can choose one from among you to represent you, you will not move to the next level in the way you are supposed to. Think about what I’m saying.” Wheatley stated.

Meanwhile, Premier Andrew Fahie said no one should stand in the way of the measure once it was something that residents want.

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