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Gov’t plans to ‘go hard’ to complete agenda before elections

Gov’t plans to ‘go hard’ to complete agenda before elections

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has vowed to push through on the government’s agenda ahead of expected general elections next year.
The Premier was asked at a recent press whether there were any concrete plans on how his government plans to progress given that general elections are constitutionally due by May 2023.

In response, Dr Wheatley said the BVI’s traditional campaign period occurs once the HOA dissolves and noted that this is due to occur in March of next year.

“The House is due to dissolve in March and of course, we expect all the persons who are contesting the elections to go ahead, and those who are elected to defend their record,” Dr Wheatley said.

The Premier advised that persons who are not presently elected should focus their attention on saying what they want to do for the community.

Until then, he said elected officials in the government plan to continue working hard on fulfilling their mandate. “All of us campaigned on things within our districts or the territory at large and of course we have a very robust and ambitious agenda that we’re seeking to complete,” Premier Wheatley said.

According to the Premier, despite the various challenges such as the global pandemic and the Commission of Inquiry (COI) that the government faced in the last four years, his government remains positive about its performance so far.

“We still feel very good about the progress we’ve been able to make and in the remaining time. You know, we’re going to be going very hard at accomplishing our goals and fulfilling our mandate,” Premier Wheatley said.

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