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Gov’t says no one is employed at Prospect Reef, employee denies

Gov’t says no one is employed at Prospect Reef, employee denies

Third District Representative Julian Fraser today asked the government to clarify the current situation at Prospect Reef where employees have been working there without pay for some two years.

Prospect Reef is a state-owned resort that was damaged by the 2017 hurricanes. Some persons are still employed at the resort which the Fahe-led government has promised to renovate.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on December 4, Fraser said he, at a recent sitting of the Standing Finance Committee, he asked the Premier’s Office for an update on the payments owed.

Fraser said the Permanent Secretary in that office plainly told him “no one is currently working at Prospect Reef.” According to Fraser, she also said Cabinet has earmarked funds to pay outstanding Prospect Reef debts.

Upon hearing this, Fraser said he insisted that people are still working at the wrecked property but was again told that no one is currently employed at the resort.

Worker seeks help

Fraser said he laid the issue to rest upon hearing the response from the Premier’s Office. However, the lawmaker said yesterday December 14, he received text messages from a worker at Prospect Reef who reminded him to seek updates on the payments owed to employees.

“We have not gotten any money as yet … it has been two years and five months now,” Fraser read during the sitting of the House today.

He said he sought further clarification from the worker and asked if people are still working at Prospect Reef today.

“Yes we are,” the worker reportedly replied.

Fraser ended by asking for the payments to be made to the workers who have been languishing for too long.

It is still not clear what tasks employees perform at the dilapidated property.

Last year, Premier Fahie said there were a few reasons behind the delayed payment.

“First, Prospect Reef is a shareholding company established by legislation in this House of Assembly including a memorandum of articles of association. Fifty percent of the shares are held by the Permanent Secretary in the Premier’s Office, and the other fifty per cent is held by the Financial Secretary on behalf of the government,” the Premier said.

“Secondly, under the Prospect Reef Management Act 2005, there is to be a non-executive body including a managing director to manage the day to day affairs of the Prospect Reef Management Company,” he added.


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