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Gov’t to introduce overnight quarantine if vaccinations increase

Gov’t to introduce overnight quarantine if vaccinations increase

Once the number of vaccinations in the territory gets to a certain threshold, persons travelling to the BVI will only be required to quarantine overnight, if at all.
Under the current protocols, persons are generally required to quarantine for four days upon arrival in the BVI.

But Health Minister Carvin Malone pointed to the potential of reduced quarantine requirements during his appearance on the Honestly Speaking radio programme last Thursday.

He said: “If you get vaccinated, we are seeking ways in which you have just that overnight. When you come [to the BVI], you get tested. If you are negative, the other day you can go. You don’t have to do four days.”

The minister was at the time outlining some “benefits” of taking the COVID-19 vaccine in the BVI.

He further said his COVID-19 team at the Ministry of Health has been empowered by Cabinet to establish these benefits or, as he termed it, “interim successes”.

“We’re looking in terms of other areas because once we get a certain number of people in (vaccinated), then we can let more people into the churches, let more people into other organisations,” the minister added.

He announced these developments following a report that the BVI has until May and June before its current batches of vaccines expire.

The BVI has vaccinated roughly 7,000 people so far. The territory has a total of 20,000 doses in hand with another 12,000 to arrive this week.

The government’s known goal is to vaccinate about 28,000 people.

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