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Gov’t to start public meetings about COI proposals on June 20

Gov’t to start public meetings about COI proposals on June 20

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has announced his Government of National Unity will begin community meetings regarding the implementation of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report recommendations.
In a live broadcast a short while ago, Dr Wheatley said the meetings will start June 20.

He said while he is aware that the United Kingdom (UK) government has not made any action regarding the implementation of the recommendations in the COI report, he remains optimistic and continues having constructive discussions with Governor John Rankin.

And as discussions continue to take place with the UK, the Premier said it is important that his Government of National Unity visit each district and sister island to discuss the final proposal submitted to the United Kingdom.

“I previously outlined our proposed approach but there are fine details that we must discuss. These town hall meetings will give you a direct forum to share your direct perspectives and ideas on how we can reform government and improve the Virgin Islands,” the Premier said in his address to the public.

“We want to engage you on changes in the ways government handle the public’s business. Not only do we want to hear your feedback, but we want to hear how you think the public should be involved in the reform process. Your feedback will be key to our work as a government going forward,” Dr Wheatley added.

He noted that reform will not be the only thing on the agenda at these town hall meetings. Dr Wheatley further said he wants to hear from the public regarding their views on schools, healthcare, the environment, and the business climate.

“These are issues that affect you and your family’s daily lives and livelihoods. We want to know how we can best improve things. We are also conscious that a lot has happened and changed in our society in just a few short weeks,” Dr Wheatley said.

“You are entitled to the opportunity to express your concerns, share your reflections and ask questions about things that are important to you, especially now the situation has stabilized somewhat,” he added.

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