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Governor’s first COI quarterly review to be published September

Governor’s first COI quarterly review to be published September

The first of what will be a regular quarterly review of the Commission of Inquiry Implementation process will be done in September by Governor John Rankin.
Rankin made the pronouncement at a recent joint press conference with Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley where the public was updated on the progress of the implementation process.

“In terms of next steps, as part of the framework for COI implementation agreed with the BVI government, I will complete my first quarterly review of implementation in September. I will include in this my overall assessment of progress against the implementation of the COI recommendations, other reforms enacted, and the political culture exhibited in the day-to-day running of government.

My report will be published here in the BVI as well as sent to Ministers in the UK,” the Governor said.

“Looking further ahead in the latter part of this year, we will start to see some of the findings from the various reviews, audits and investigations that are underway. These reviews may lead to further recommendations and the Premier and I will discuss the best way to implement these,” he added.

Governor Rankin had previously mentioned the quarterly review will outline progress against milestones, any concerns he may have or that have been raised with him, and any recommendations for further action which may be required to get delivery back on track. He said the report will be public and he will continue to provide regular updates to residents.

The updates will feature the progress of each BVI government ministry and its respective departments. This is expected to continue throughout the full period of the COI implementation, which is estimated to be two years.

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