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Have some respect for me, says Fraser to gov’t ministers

Have some respect for me, says Fraser to gov’t ministers

Third District Representative Julian Fraser has urged government ministers to show some respect for him when conducting projects in his constituency.

Speaking in the House of Assembly (HOA) recently, Fraser referred to a number of projects that were being conducted in the Third District which he said were without any form of consultation with him.

Among the projects the legislator complained about, was a “trucking and backhoe services“ project that is to be executed at the Pockwood Pond dumpsite.

He said the project involved removing dirt from the hillside at Pockwood Pond to smother fires at the dumpsite.

Fraser noted that open burning at the Pockwood Pond site, which he referred to as a health hazard, has increased since the nearby incinerator became inoperable after a fire earlier this year.

“Worse yet, all of this is happening in my district, which is the Third District, and I know nothing about it; about the operation,“ Fraser complained.

Money not burned with garbage

Fraser called the project a huge operation and said it fetched a price tag of some $277,900.

“This money isn’t being burned along with the garbage [so] that means somebody’s getting this money,“ the legislator stated.

He said those funds were in addition to some $318,983 that was being allocated. However, he did not specify whether those funds were being put towards another project.

“I’m asking the minister who is responsible for this subject to have some respect for the District Representative,“ Fraser said.

“If you’re coming into my constituency to do all of this, I need to know.“

According to Fraser, it was only parliamentary decency and parliamentary procedure for him to be informed of the works going on in his district.

“I’m not asking for anything more, that’s all I’m asking,“ Fraser stated.

Health Minister Marlon Penn has portfolio responsibility for waste management.


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