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Here’s how this local contractor started winning bids and contracts

Here’s how this local contractor started winning bids and contracts

A local contractor has lauded the procurement training programme by the Recovery & Development Agency (RDA) as a success, after securing several high-level contracts for the first time since completing the programme.

Most recently, Rajah Smith of No Limit Construction was able secure a contract valuing more than $209,000 from the RDA for rehabilitation works to be completed on the Anegada Administration Complex.

Speaking during the contract-signing ceremony, Smith briefly touched on how the programme has changed his life. He also encouraged young contractors to get involved with the programme, which he says has many benefits to offer in progressing one’s career.

“What I learned with the RDA did not only subject me to the RDA. I was able to have won tenders with the CDB using the same methodology that I learned with the RDA. So I want to thank the RDA,” Smith stated.

From 2-page tender to 20 pages’

Acting Chief Executive Officer of the RDA, Anthony McMaster said Smith’s development with the procurement process had come a long way when compared to the little experience and knowledge he possessed when first joining the programme.

“The first time he submitted a bid to the RDA, I kid you not, it was basically two pages when he submitted his first bid and we said to him, we have a programme here that we will take you through our procurement process. We will take you through how you should actually develop a tender to put forward to win a job. You know what he said? ‘What time can I come?’ Believe it or not, he was there 11 am the next morning,” McMaster explained.

He further said: “Christine, [who is] part of our procurement team; I remember her sitting down and going through the process with him. Very detailed and very meticulous. But guess what, when he resubmitted it, he submitted something that was almost 20 pages.”

The RDA boss continues to encourage local contractors to join the programme, warning that it will be hard work but a process that will be well worth it.


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