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Hon Turnbull on board wholeheartedly with direction of Wheatley Gov’t

Hon Turnbull on board wholeheartedly with direction of Wheatley Gov’t

Second District Representative and former Opposition Member in the Virgin Islands House of Assembly (HoA), Hon Melvin M. Turnbull (R2) says he is behind the direction of new Premier, Dr the Hon Natalio D. Wheatley (R7), and his new direction of Governance in the Virgin Islands.

Under the new Unity Government, which is made up of members of three political parties, Hon Turnbull has been appointed the Minister for Natural Resources and Labour.

“I just want to stand in support of this process, because it is one that as the premier echoed… it is a clean-up exercise but I tend to like where the premier is going in his thoughts and words, that there are some things that we are going to have to do differently,” he added.

Hon Turnbull was at the time speaking during the 3rd Sitting of the 4th Session of the 4th House of Assembly, on May 26, 2022.

Premier Dr the Hon Natalio D. Wheatley (R7) heads the coalition government that is comprised of members from three political parties.

Change is necessary- Hon Turnbull

The Minister added that he is on board wholeheartedly with the direction and changes of the Premier, at shifting the way business is done in the VI.

“His statement reinforces that there are going to be some changes… that we all have to encompass and we all have to embrace but change is necessary for us to also put in motion and put in place policies and funding behind areas that the CoI report did not highlight.”

Hon Turnbull added that the VI now has a new opportunity as the territory heads into additional appropriation for 2022, to shape where the VI is going within ministries, and departments of Government as well as changes that will benefit the people of the VI.

“Changes that will benefit the people of these Virgin Islands to make it and make this place a place that we can all once again continue to be proud of and eradicate some of the things that we have done wrong, and some of the things that allowed to continue as being wrong,” he said.

“This is the opportunity that we are taking. We are all on board to ensure that it is happening,” Hon Turnbull added.


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