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Human Resource Audit Needed - Premier

A human resource audit will address the issue of square pegs in round holes in the public service, according to Premier and Finance Minister, Hon. Andrew Fahie.
“I believe that not only a job classification and salary revision need to be done but a human resource audit needs to be done to find out if we have square pegs in round holes,” he said on Monday August 23 in the House of Assembly.

He added, “And how do we get round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square holes? But, nobody holds who is responsible for the public service.”

Premier Fahie said the public service falls under the Governor and Deputy Governor offices.

“They don’t hold them responsible for anything. They always send them back to the elected officials, but they are our people, so we have to take care of them,” he stated.

The Finance Minister added that they have started to finance the review of the public service, that but we are waiting on the findings in order to address salaries.

He reminded persons that the last time a salary increased took place was under the late Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal.

“It was to be 15 percent, but we had done seven-and-a-half and the other seven-and-a-half and was supposed to come but then we lost the government. And those that telling you that they love you had not even given them the seven-and-a-half, they never even give them a half,” he opined.

Adding, “but they in the opposition telling you go after them (government). Let them give you the whole [salary increase]. You see the hypocrisy.”

Recently, Premier Fahie expressed concerns that some public servants are operating as if it is business as usual and running up government’s bills. He said tough decisions will have to be made and there is a high possibility that more cutbacks will be forthcoming months due to economic fallout from COVID-19.

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