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Humane Society seeks temporary shelter for pets during TS Fiona

Humane Society seeks temporary shelter for pets during TS Fiona

The BVI Humane Society has made an urgent appeal for a temporary shelter for its pets for the upcoming weekend.
The entity made that call in the wake of weather reports suggesting that a tropical storm is expected to impact the BVI and will likely cause some heavy downpours.

Speaking with JTV News recently, Humane Society Shelter Manager Manog ‘Vijay’ Bissoondutt said the shelter is appealing to residents to assist in fostering some of the pets just for the weekend given the expected weather system.

“The system is approaching so fast, and we have so many animals here in the shelter and it’s going to be a very long weekend,” Bissoondutt said.

He added: “Monday’s going to be a public holiday and we know people are going to be home and it would be nice if they could come and take a dog out of the shelter so, you know, give us a bit of a break here and that could spare our weekend trying to make sure these animals stay dry.”

Bissoondutt noted that persons can either take a puppy or an adult dog for the weekend and the shelter will prepare a doggy bag which will include dry towels and dry food along with receptacles for the animal to survive over the weekend through the expected storm.

“It’s not safe because most of the dogs are out in the yard and it’s very low land, and where we are situated a lot of rainfall comes from above the hill and washes right through the shelter. So, that would be very good if the animals could get out of here for the weekend,” he shared.

The Shelter Manager said there are approximately 75 fully grown dogs in addition to a dozen adult cats as well.

A tropical storm alert has been issued by the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) for the upcoming weekend, and the BVI is directly in line to be affected.

In the meantime, the Department of Disaster Management said that moisture and instability ahead of Tropical Storm Fiona will maintain unsettled weather conditions across the area over the next 24 hours. Additionally, the DDM said, above normal swells will continue to impact some coastlines over the next 24 hours.

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