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Document leak was not from Governor’s Office, Sir Gary finds

Document leak was not from Governor’s Office, Sir Gary finds

Investigations have revealed that there was no leak emanating from the Governor’s Office or the Commission of Inquiry (COI) team concerning the COI document recently leaked to an online news website.
The document was a statement from government ministers who the COI invited to submit their position on governance. It reportedly contained serious allegations that the former governor, Augustus Jaspert and the United Kingdom government have acted improperly, unconstitutionally, and illegally.

In a bid to discover who is responsible for the leak, COI Commissioner Sir Gary Hickinbottom had issued a directive that the Attorney General and the Governor’s Office provide a list of every person who has had access to the document.

Yesterday, Sir Gary said he was satisfied the Governor’s Office was not the source of the leak. He said overnight discussions with their team had demonstrated this fact.

“Both the Governor’s Office and the Attorney General have responded to that direction. As a result of the Governor’s office response — I have already met the Governor and the three-members of the Governor’s Office who had access to the position statement — and I have satisfied myself that the breach of confidence did not emanate from any of them,” Sir Gary said.

Sir Gary again repeated that the leak did not come from his five-member team in the BVI.

According to the Commissioner, the Attorney General (AG), Dawn Smith’s response to his directive was that disclosure within the BVI government and legal team was quite widespread. As a result, her enquiries are ongoing.

The AG told the COI she would write again once those enquiries are complete.

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