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‘I stay in my lane!’ Premier says he didn’t sanction Customs boss’ leave

‘I stay in my lane!’ Premier says he didn’t sanction Customs boss’ leave

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has opted to steer clear of efforts to demystify the ring of speculation that envelops the administrative leave of Commissioner of Her Majesty’s Customs, Wade Smith.
Smith was reportedly sent on administrative leave two weeks ago, but it has not been made clear to the public since then why the former political candidate was asked to do so.

Dr Wheatley was asked at a recent press conference whether Smith’s leave had anything to do with the investigations that the Governor ordered and who sanctioned Smith proceeding on administrative leave.

He offered that such information would be best sourced from either the Governor or Deputy Governor’s Office.

“Well, those things fall under the public service management which directly falls under the Governor, Deputy Governor, HR, etcetera.” Premier Wheatley said. “So, I think the Governor or anyone else from the Deputy Governor, HR would be best placed to speak about the reasons why Mr Wade Smith was sent on administrative leave. Yeah, those things directly fall under their remit.”

In the meantime, the Premier also sought to dispel the notion that he was in any way responsible for sanctioning Smith’s administrative leave, referring to cartoons or other statements that made such inferences as ‘nonsense’.

“I am just given the courtesy of being told about those things. Those things fall directly under the Governor, and the Deputy Governor has conduct for areas under the public service on behalf of the Governor and of course, human resources as well has some responsibility there,” Premier Wheatley said.

He continued: “I try my best to, I don’t know, stay in my lane, stay in my role, and of course if there’s any issue that I believe needs to be discussed with the Governor on a public service matter, I can certainly bring it to his attention.”

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