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I will not oppose the court’s ruling, Willock must pay - Vanterpool

I will not oppose the court’s ruling, Willock must pay - Vanterpool

Opposition legislator with the National Democratic Party, Mark Vanterpool, said he will not be voting to exempt Speaker Julian Willock from paying his (Willock’s) legal fees when the select parliamentary committee meets to assess the matter.

In an interview on ZBVI today, Vanterpool said while he agreed to be one of three members to sit on the committee, he does not support any action that defies a court order.

And he believes Premier Andrew Fahie’s motion to form the committee did just that — defy the court’s ruling that Willock must foot the bill for a failed injunction he (the Speaker) filed against attorneys with the Commission of Inquiry.

“Sitting on the committee does not mean I support the bill. I do not support defying the court’s orders. The court is one jurisdiction and we must let them do their work,” Vanterpool said.

Premier should have withdrawn

Vanterpool, who was absent for the entirety of the debate on Fahie’s motion Thursday, said he believed the substantive motion by the Premier should have been withdrawn from the House of Assembly (HOA).

He also noted if he was present for the voting, he would have voted for the motion to be dismissed and supported the counter-motion by the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Marlon Penn.

“I think that was a good [counter]-motion [by Penn]. I would support what the Leader of the Opposition presented. I think he presented his case well,” Vanterpool added.

Leave the court’s judgment undisturbed

Penn had countered Premier Fahie’s motion to form the parliamentary committee by stating the decision by the Supreme Court should “stand undisturbed” by the HOA.

In the meantime, the special parliamentary committee will comprise Vanterpool, government legislator Vincent Wheatley, and Opposition legislator for Progressives United (PU), Julian Fraser. The committee will have to make a recommendation to the House within two months.


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