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If You Are Out Of Soap, You Blame Gov’t-Premier

If You Are Out Of Soap, You Blame Gov’t-Premier

Premier and Finance Minister Hon. Andrew Fahie said persons continue to blame the government for everything that goes wrong in their life.
He said if someone is out of soap or dish washing liquid, they will blame the government.

“It seems to be that this is the first government that if the hospital out of toilet paper, it’s the government fault…that time when go to the vault and check they have money to buy toilet paper, but somebody didn’t do it. So that is Fahie’s fault. If they go home and they do not have dish liquid, the government fault,” he said last week in the House of Assembly.

He added, “if they go to the bathroom and they ain’t get any soap it’s the government fault. Every time you look, they find somewhere to blame the government.”

The Territory’s leader said the government do take the blame in some cases.

“Yes, we have some blame to take but it seems to me like we are in an era where every time it is the government fault. If you go to the church and the pews are not comfortable enough it’s the government fault,” he

Premier Fahie said there are masters of mischief who are selling the negative about the Territory’s finances.

“And then there are some masters of mischief out there trying to convince them that it is really the government fault. Yes, we have some failures, which government doesn’t?”

The Premier urged residents to not be ungrateful.

“I don’t want our people to become ungrateful. Look where the Lord bring us from Irma and Maria, look where the Lord bring us, or carrying us thus far during this COVID. Yes, we have some challenges, and we are going to push for more people to be employed,” he said.

Premier Fahie added, “…we are pushing to do it, but we all have to be rowing in the same direction, not some in one and the other half of the boat rowing in the other direction. It cannot work.”

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